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  • Jaina Proudmoore- Battle for Azeroth

    Jaina Proudmoore- Battle for Azeroth

    My last big art piece for the year! I honestly was not sure if I would complete it in time, but I was blessed with a very focused day today. I started this painting back in early November, soon after Blizzcon. Everyone was so excited about the World of Warcraft expansion, and I was really…

  • Hope for Westfall

    Hope for Westfall

    It’s time for a new art series! I’m playing my way through the game, and will pick up inspiration to paint along the way. I intend to do a full play-through, picking up all of the quests that I’d usually ignore along the way. My first piece was at level 15, making my way through…

  • Light Against Legion

    Light Against Legion

    Blizzard Entertainment is running an official art contest through the 30th- Shadows of Argus. The goal for my work going forward is to keep heavy focus on detailed line work while learning to create strong color palettes that work together without getting dull or muddy. Here is the completed piece: Light Against Legion  Turalyon and…