Wreck-A-Mech is a deck building card game in development about building and fighting mechs for sport. Produced by Steve Vilbig.

The most advanced Mechs in the world compete every week in the Mech Combat League. Soaring arenas glitter from a million cameras as lethal machines tear each other apart.  Each combatant costs millions of dollars and represents the very pinnacle of corporate technology.  Fortunes rise and fall on the results as a win in the arena demonstrates the superiority of a corporation’s technology.  Billions of viewers sit riveted every Saturday and fans can spend almost all of their money and time around these events.

But this isn’t the Mech Combat League.  This is the Wreck-A- Mech League where scrappy mechanics will rig together a Mech out of anything they can find in the junkyard.  They meet at local events, take photos with grass roots fans and then bash each other to bits. Anything that isn’t completely destroyed is fished out of the mud and retooled into next week’s combatant.  Nobody ever said being the champ was easy.

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