Hope for Westfall

It’s time for a new art series! I’m playing my way through the game, and will pick up inspiration to paint along the way. I intend to do a full play-through, picking up all of the quests that I’d usually ignore along the way.

My first piece was at level 15, making my way through Westfall.

I tried some brand new techniques for this painting after watching a few videos. I did a grayscale painting, trying to learn to paint with only values. Then, I colored the piece using a gradient map. This was the result:

Hope for Westfall

There is no hope. Only Vanessa. –World of Warcraft’s Vanessa VanCleef

If you want to see the guide I followed, check it out here: 

Brushboost also did a subsequent video on gradient maps. It is going to be such a time-saver with practice! There is still brushwork to be done over the top, but just getting your color palette right from the get-go is so much help.






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